Best Family Vehicles in Carlsbad, CA
Family is important and Carlsbad Collision Center wants to take the time to ensure you know that. Deciding on the right family vehicle for you is important, so that’s why our team in Carlsbad, CA, analyzed key aspects that family-focused people may be interested in. The following page is here to help you narrow down what features matter most to you and your family. Any questions about family vehicles can be directed to our team by calling (760) 476-1027 or contacting us online.

What Should Parents Look For in a Vehicle?

While every family vehicle can be a different experience, every family has a different number of requirements. Our team listed some of the key features that may be a top priority for a family oriented lifestyle.

Safety Rating/Airbags

Safety is the top factor for most families searching for the right vehicle. Does it have high safety ratings? What kind of safety features does the vehicle you’re looking at have? Be sure to research what kind of safety amenities you’ll receive when you select a vehicle for your family.


For larger families, seven- or eight-seater vehicles may be a top priority for you. Maybe you’re interested in a five-seater SUV with a larger amount of cargo space in the back for sports equipment or instruments for band practice? Be sure to observe the amount of space before settling on a vehicle for your family.

Number of Doors

For easy access, you may be looking for a vehicle with at least four doors. This allows you and your children quick and easy access into the vehicle. You may not be looking for a vehicle with two doors if you have children requiring a car seat because this makes it harder for you to remove and install a car seat. This also makes it more difficult to load your family inside for a trip.


Keep connected to the world with BluetoothⓇ. Not only can the driver stay connected, but the rest of the family will stay entertained on road trips both long and short with this feature.

Entertainment Features

Sometimes keeping your kids entertained can be difficult, so choose an entertainment system that can assist you. Large infotainment screens make it easier for the driver to select a station, while an impressive sound system can keep the kids busy with music while you focus on the road.

Kid Friendly Features

Consider selecting a vehicle that provides infotainment systems for your kids. This sometimes includes a DVD player, game applications, and headphones. Usually, to find infotainment systems like this, you will need to consider selecting a minivan.

Families with Small Children

If you have a family of small children, the Carlsbad Collision Center team recommends considering safety as a top priority. You’ll want to make sure your car seat is comfortably situated inside and can easily be removed.The number of small children you have will help you decide on the size of car you need.

Families with School Age Children

We recommend that families with school age children consider an SUV or a minivan. Usually, as children get older, they will involve themselves in more activities. Having the space to carry equipment for extracurriculars will surely help you out down the road.

Vehicles for Teenage Drivers

When it’s time for your kid to drive, deciding which vehicle to allow them to get behind the wheel of can be difficult. The Carlsbad Collision Center team compared key model types to ensure you select the right one.

Sedan vs. SUV

A sedan or an SUV is a good choice for a teen to utilize. Depending on the weather scenarios, you may want to consider finding a sedan with all-wheel drive or consider an SUV, which has more options available for all-wheel drive than a sedan does.

SUV vs. Truck

An SUV has the space and safety features to ensure that your teenage driver stays safe. If your teenager is working on construction projects or is involved with a lot of outdoor activities, then maybe a truck will work better, but the amount of safety features you’ll find on an SUV is more likely higher than what you’ll find on a pickup truck.

SUV vs. Van

Both an SUV and a van are nice choices for a teenager to drive. Depending on the size of the van, your teenager may find a larger vehicle more difficult to drive. A van and SUV have safety features to ensure your kid stays safe on the road and has optimal space for any activities that they have to attend.

Carlsbad Collision Center Top Picks

As for our top picks, Carlsbad Collision Center believes that an SUV or a van would be the best choice for families. This allows you the space and safety you need to give you peace of mind on the road. If you have any questions or wish to request an estimate, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling (760) 476-1027 or contacting us online.

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