FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions at the Carlsbad Collision Center

Below is a list of frequently asked questions we get at the Carlsbad Collision Center. Don’t see a question you have? Feel free to give us a call at (760) 476-1027 and we’ll be happy to help!

1. Where do I get a claim number?

Your insurance company will provide you with a claim number once you report the accident to them. Simply provide us with the claim number and we will take care of the rest.

2. Can you match my car’s paint color?

Most factory finishes come with an identification code. Using our state of the art computerized paint mixing system, we can easily determine your car’s exact color, and match it without imperfection. Our master certified paint team can mix or custom mix you match your paint color to get your vehicle looking new again.

3. If my vehicle’s frame is damaged, is the car a total loss?

Not necessarily. A car is totaled only once the total cost of repairing it exceeds your insurance company’s estimate of the car’s value. Using our state of the art computerized measuring systems, we can, in many cases, return your vehicle’s frame to factory specification. If a section of the unibody frame has been bent beyond repair, we can simply replace it.

4. How long will repairs take?

This depends entirely on the extent of the damage. After your car is initially inspected, your advisor will provide you with an estimated time frame to completion.

5. Can I get a ride home while my vehicle is being repaired?

Yes, you may. We have convenient rental companies nearby, and we also offer a courtesy shuttle that can drop you off when you leave and pick you up when the repairs are complete within a 10-mile radius. Your convenience and satisfaction is our number one priority.

6. Are there any guarantees offered on the repairs?

Yes, we offer a limited-lifetime warranty on all our repairs. We want you to have peace of mind about all our auto body work.

7. What should I know if I get into an accident?

If you’ve been in an accident and your car is not safe to drive, you can have it towed directly to the Carlsbad Collision Center. Be sure to contact your insurance provider to report the accident and inform them where you will have your vehicle repaired. This also lets your insurance company know where to send an estimator to review the extent of your car’s damage.

If your vehicle is safe to drive after an accident, stop by the Carlsbad Collision Center at your convenience for a free repair quote today!

8. What do collision centers do?

Collision centers restore vehicles of all makes and models to pre-collision condition. From major repairs to minor paint touch-ups, the Carlsbad Collision Center does it all.

9. How long will my car take to repair?

How long you vehicle takes to repair depends largely on the extent of your car’s damage. Minor dents, scratches, and paintwork can be restored in a matter of hours, where major repairs can take days to fix.

10. Does the Carlsbad Collision Center have certified mechanics?

Yes! The Carlsbad Collision Center is proud to offer I-CAR Gold Class®, PPG Envirobase® High Performance, and ProFirst Collision certified technicians for expert auto repairs.

11. Why should I choose the Carlsbad Collision Center over other body shops?

At the Carlsbad Collision Center, we take customer service and satisfaction seriously. Our friendly staff explores all repair options to find what works best for you, while delivering like-new results. Stop by today and see for yourself!

12. Does the Carlsbad Collision Center work with my insurance?

The Carlsbad Collision Center works with all major auto insurance providers.

13. My insurance company recommended a different body shop. Do I have to go there or can I still choose the Carlsbad Collision Center for my repairs?

No, where you take your vehicle is ultimately up to you. If your car is not safe to drive at the scene of an accident, you can request to have it towed directly to the Carlsbad Collision Center. Since we accept all major insurance providers, you can also request our professional auto repair services after the fact to your insurance company.

14. When and where do I pay my deductible?

If applicable, your deductible is paid directly to the Carlsbad Collision Center when you pick-up your restored vehicle.