Tesla Service in Carlsbad, CA

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Carlsbad Collision Center is constantly improving and we’re happy to announce that our technicians are now Tesla certified to repair your dents and scratches. The moment you allow our collision center in Carlsbad, CA, to work on your Tesla, you’re ensured your model is repaired good as new. For an estimate on your Tesla repair or to schedule an appointment with our team, give us a call at (760) 476-1027 or contact us online.

Carlsbad Collision Center Is Tesla Certified!

Carlsbad Collision Center is certified by Tesla to provide dent and scratch repairs to any Tesla vehicle, whether they are minor blemishes or major indentations. Our collision center in Carlsbad, CA, can handle anything from dents and scratches to major indentations in the body work. Get in contact with our team for an estimate on the repair work to ensure your Tesla is back in pristine condition.

We Service All Tesla Models

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Whether you drive a Model 3 or Model S, the Carlsbad Collision Center knows how to service every Tesla model. From a scratch to dent removal, our collision center can service any repair that your Tesla vehicle may require.

Daily Checks

To ensure that your Tesla electric vehicle is in perfect working order, make sure to check your model on a daily basis. There are a number of factors you want to run through to assure flawless performance. Browse through the list below to see what you should be keeping an eye on.

  • Battery charge level displayed on the touchscreen or mobile app
  • Condition and pressure of each tire
  • Operation of the brakes, including the parking brake
  • Operation of seat belts
  • Abnormal fluid deposits underneath Model 3 that might indicate a leak (it’s normal for a small pool of water to form due to the air conditioning system’s dehumidifying process)

Quick and Seamless Service

Carlsbad Collision Center in Carlsbad, CA, has a qualified service team that knows just how to work with your Tesla model in a quick and easy manner. Have peace of mind that our certified technicians are trained in the inner workings of your Tesla model in order to better service your collision needs.

Preparing for Your Appointment at Carlsbad Collision Center

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In order to prepare for an appointment at Carlsbad Collision Center, be sure to request a free estimate from us. Once the damage is identified, we can quote you and begin work on repairing your Tesla. Once you schedule an appointment with our collision center, we can begin the restoration process.

Monthly Checks

  • Check the mileage and pressure to determine if the tires need to be rotated, around every 6,250 miles
  • Check the windshield washer fluid level and refill if necessary
  • Check that the air conditioning is working properly
  • Contact your Tesla service center immediately if you notice a significant drop in fluid levels or uneven tire wear


A Tesla luxury sedan is a performance vehicle and should be serviced about once a year. The battery is guaranteed for eight years and has a four-year/50,000-mile warranty, but it is good to ensure other services like wheel alignment, replacement of key fob batteries, replacement of windshield wipers, and replacement of cabin air filters are monitored.

A regular service appointment can come in around $500 to $1,000 depending on the age of the Tesla. Compared to traditional gas cars, a Tesla is surprisingly affordable to fix. Traditional gas vehicles can sometimes be more expensive than a Tesla to repair due to the number of moving parts.

No. A Tesla vehicle does not require traditional oil changes.

In the rare occasion that your Tesla runs out of charge, you will have to call a flatbed truck to come pick your Tesla up and transfer you to a charger.

Schedule Your Tesla Service Appointment at Carlsbad Collision Center Today!

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment at Carlsbad Collision Center, our certified team is more than happy to help. Give our center in Carlsbad, CA, a call at (760) 476-1027 or contact us online and we’ll gladly assist you.
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