Regular maintenance is just that, regular, and sometimes there may be an issue after a repair is completed. The team at Carlsbad Collision Center wants to make sure that when your vehicle leaves, it leaves intact and ready to handle the road again. This is why our collision center in Carlsbad, CA, suggests that you test drive your vehicle after a repair. You may find an issue after a necessary collision repair, but only if you take the time to double check that your vehicle is in running order again. You can use the following tips to ensure the correct repair of your vehicle. Carlsbad Collision Center prides itself on accuracy, so if you’re searching for a collision center that will get the job done right, consider contacting us online or giving us a call at (760) 476-1027.
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Inspect Your Vehicle

Once a repair is completed, it’s important to take your vehicle out for a test drive. Depending on the type of repair that was completed, a test drive will provide you with a starting point for your investigation. If your brakes were repaired, test them out. Drive around for a bit like it’s a normal day. Maybe find an empty parking lot and test quick braking. Be sure to inspect thoroughly so that you can return your vehicle to the collision center if there is a problem.

How to Spot Problems After Car Repairs

When it comes to spotting a car problem, you know your car best. If something doesn’t feel right about the drive, your instinct is probably correct. If you hear squeaking that wasn’t there before or maybe your steering wheel is shaking and vibrating more violently when at higher speeds, then your collision center may have incorrectly repaired or replaced something. Be sure to take your vehicle back when you notice a problem with your vehicle.

What to Do if You Spot Mistakes

Communication is key for your collision center. If you can’t tell them what the problem is, then the technicians will not know how to fix what you believe is the problem. Most collision centers are more than willing to assist you if you can thoroughly explain the issue that ensued after you left the collision center.

Good Practice

To help you get into the habit of testing your vehicle after a repair is completed, the Carlsbad Collision Center team compiled a couple of tips to follow. By knowing what to do and how to check on your vehicle after a repair, there’s no doubt you’ll always have your vehicle in tip top shape.
  1. Take your vehicle for a test drive the moment your repair is completed.
  2. Drive normally for a bit.
  3. Listen and feel out your car for anything that doesn’t seem normal.
  4. Consider doing a more extreme test in a safe space, like quickly braking or making a quicker turn.
  5. Check the outer body of your vehicle for any loose parts or areas that appear concerning.

Schedule a Free Repair Estimate at Carlsbad Collision Center

Carlsbad Collision Center wants to get the job done right the first time, so consider requesting an estimate so that your vehicle repair can be completed quickly and efficiently. If you have questions concerning our repair process, don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call at (760) 476-1027.

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