Coffee spills and food spills in addition to dirty shoes can take their toll on a car’s carpet resulting in stains and dirt. You may notice that simply vacuuming won’t remove the deep stains. So how do you get rid of the pesky stains and get your carpet looking new again? The easiest way to remove stains is to use a carpet cleaner like the Bissell Little Green machine. First you’ll want to use a spray-on cleaner like Resolve or Bissell to spray on the stain directly. Folex is another good option as well. Let the spray soak in for five minutes and then use a carpet brush in order to agitate the stain and loosen it. Afterwards, you’ll want to go over the stain using the machine; it will spray water over the affected areas and then suck up the water and dirt. Extraction is the most effective way to lift deep stains.

You may also find it handy to utilize a portable vacuum cleaner like the Black & Decker Hand Vac which is a cordless device with extremely powerful suction. You’ll want a portable device because it can be difficult to find a nearby outlet and a full sized vacuum will be much too large in order to clean effectively. A small hand vac is perfect for cleaning the seats, floor mats, back seats and really get inside the nooks and crannies such as between the seats and under them.

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