Most modern cars don’t need coolant replacing until they hit the 100,000 mark. Late model vehicles may need coolant replaced more often; check your driver’s manual in order to find out how often your vehicle needs its coolant replaced.

Coolant is a mixture of ethylene and propylene glycol and water. Coolant service generally includes flushing the coolant system and replacing the fluids on a need basis.

How often the coolant needs to be replaced depends on the vehicle. For example. Ford recommends having coolant replaced after the first 100k miles and subsequently every 50k miles while Subaru recommends having it changed after 132.500 miles.

It’s generally a good idea to have the coolant checked once every few years to make sure it’s free of contaminants, rust and acidic build up. Your mechanic may also want to check it for a resistance to boiling and freezing. If tap water has been added to the cooling system the freezing and boiling points may have been altered. Coolant that has deriroated can also result in the engine running hotter than customary.

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