The life span of your tires will depend on how often, when and where you drive. For example, someone who drives 9,000 miles in a crowded city such as Los Angeles or Chicago will need to have their brake pads more often than someone who lives in an area like Encinitas, Vista, San Marcos or Oceanside and does a lot of freeway driving. Brake pads pads are used much more often during city driving compared to the freeway (depending on the traffic).

Car repair service technician recommend having the brake pads checked and tires rotated every 6 months for best results. A mechanic can check the the brake pads in order to check if it needs replacing. Many modern cars have sensors which scrape against a brake disc once the lining gets worn out. When they do you’ll start hearing a screaching sound; that’s when you know it’s time to get them replaced.

Other signs of worn brake pads include pulsations when you brake, longer stopping distances and feeling your foot press down further than usual when you brake. It may be challenging to notice these subtle differences since they happen on a gradual basis.

In the last few years, auto makers have been using rotors that are thinner in order save money and reduce weight. As a result rotors may also need replacing at the same time brake pads are changed out.

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